Big Ideas

Article ideas and essays I’d like to write, in no particular order

  1. False Worlds: Dreams, hallucinations, visions, and altered states of consciousness (William Fish, Oliver Sacks, and Daniel Dennett)

  2. The Dreadful Architecture of Memory: The House On Ash Tree Lane as a manifestation of anxiety and the labyrinth as metaphor for dementia (ft. Jung, Borges, Bachelard, Ovid, and more)

  3. The Evolution of Cartography, or Maps of Places that Never Existed (incl. story of the Piri Reis Map and ancient knowledge of geography)

  4. The secret history of Beowulf: the role of linguistics in establishing and corrupting cultural icons

  5. The Baphomet: Sage, Scandal, Scapegoat, and Symbol — a deep dive into the historical origins of the Baphomet in the persecution of the Knights Templar, its evolution into a symbol of occult and esoteric traditions, its iconic role in the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, and its reconciliation as an emblem of healing and personal growth

  6. Incunabula, or The Origins of Printing: A history of…

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